Solid Brass Marine Sextant

  • Silver Sextant A unique present option is this classy antique solid brass sextant. It is a fantastic reproduction from the 18th century with working components that is similar to those frequently used by Victorian explorers and surveyors.
  • Due to its small size, it can only be used as a partially functional instrument, but it still makes a wonderful gift, decorative object, and demonstration piece. It contains an integrated magnifier that can be adjusted to help read the vernier scale. You can set the controls of a semi-functional instrument to see the horizon and a celestial object at the same time and determine the angle between them. Size: Approximately 9.5 cm long by 9.5 cm wide by 6.5 cm high (Sextant). As a gift, a brass keyring is provided.
  • The Perfect Gift for Travellers, Nautical Collector’s And Home Decorative.
  • A sextant is a tool used to calculate the angle between two visible objects. It is primarily used to calculate the celestial body’s angle with the horizon, a technique called as sighting the object or taking a sight. The user’s location on the grid map of the world is then determined using the angle measured and the moment it was measured. Consequently, sextants are essentially tools for navigation and have been effectively utilised by sailors and even other travellers throughout history. 



Solid Brass Marine Sextant Astrolabe Antique Reproduction Maritime Nautical Ship Celestial Instrument

Sextant en argent This elegant antique solid brass sextant is an excellent present. It is a magnificent 18th-century recreation that is functional and resembles devices commonly used by Victorian explorers and surveyors. It can only be used as a partially functioning instrument due to its small size, but it makes an excellent gift, decorative object, and demonstration piece.



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