Solid Brass Telescope

  • Amazing Collection: We have the largest collection of brass nautical objects in the world as well as a wide selection of nautical telescopes. Our telescopes are crafted with premium brass, glass lenses, and some include leather or wooden sheaths. The majority of telescopes are packaged in wooden and leather cases as mentioned, and they also have several finishes, including antique, bronze, dark, nickel, and leather.
  • The ultimate use of this pirate spyglass is as a beautiful piece for your house or office. It is totally functional. It improves the aesthetics of your home by adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Ideal for use on boats, hikes, bird watching expeditions, sporting activities, outdoor travel, sightseeing, concerts, sporting events, role-playing, travelling, etc.
  • Unique Gift: This handheld telescope makes a unique present for tourists, nautical collectors, and kids who love learning on special days like birthdays, promotions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Friendship’s Day, Easter, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. The design of This Incredible Telescope was likewise inspired by the Royal Navy.
  • The pocket telescope has a small, telescopic form for ease of carrying. You can take the pirate brass telescope anywhere you go because it is portable and lightweight. It does an excellent job of recreating a vintage spyglass. Due to the superb optics for genuine viewing, it focuses and magnifies.
  • How: To focus on far-off objects, this telescope employs a push-and-pull mechanism. Pulling it entirely out will allow you to slowly insert the barrel inside while gazing through the telescope until the target item is clearly seen. Great effort; a truly original telescope. Wonderful nautical decor that can be used in any workplace, boat, or house, or given as a gift to loved ones. telescope with compass and wooden box.

ADIBA HOME DECOR 6” Brass with Wood spyglass brass telescope is a great gift for the young nautical explorer in your life. This small brass and wood spyglass is pocket-sized, at 3.5″ when collapsed and 6″ when fully expanded. The handle of this spyglass is wrapped in wood. Simply adjust the telescope tube length to bring into clear focus. The 6″ spyglass brass telescope is shipped in a beautiful felt-lined, brass-inlaid hardwood case. The box is crafted from smooth hardwood, with a gloss finish, and features brass side inlets on all sides with the ADIBA HOME DECOR solid brass anchor-with-rope logo on the top.


 This functional pirate spyglass telescope can be utilized for years as a decorative item at your home and workspace. It enhances your home decor by giving it an elegant and sophisticated touch. Ideal for use on boats, hiking trips, bird watching, sports events, outdoor travel, sightseeing, concert, ball game, role-playing, traveling, etc. 3X Magnification Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses) Fully functional spyglass focuses and magnifies Solid rosewood box adorned with brass anchor emblem Polished brass spyglass accompanied with brass body


100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000


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