Flower Pot with Stand

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Solid iron makes up this Metal Desk Planters (flower pot). There is 1 Pot and 1 Stand in this item.
It is appropriate for use as dining or study table plants, balcony décor, or even living room furniture. It is the ideal present for celebrations, house warmings, etc.
This desk planter has a glossy finish and is rust-free. The high indoor potted plant stand can facilitate watering and provide the plant with a better environment in which to develop.
Table tops, office desks, windowsills, decorative tables, bookshelves, living rooms, balconies, and gardens are all perfect places for decor. The structure of the legs is secure and non-slip.
This desk planter is 12 by 12 by 16. Colours: Purple and Green

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Product Description

India offers metal desk planters (also known as flower pots) with stands for use as decorative accessories. Decoright metal indoor planters are ideal for dining or study table plants, balcony decorating, and could also be a fantastic option for living room decor. When filled with a plant, this lovely Metal Pot will command attention with its expansive shape. The galvanised iron in the Metal Pots is shielded from rust by a powder-coated paint finish. Additionally, it will stop the colour from fading.This planter’s support is solid and rust-proof,


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