Brass Armillary Globe

  • Replica of Premier Housewares, some movements of the armillary Celestial Objects
  • Metal Ball and Stand
  • Height: 9 cm Diameter: 7 cm
This Nautical Brass Armillary Sphere is simple to arrange on a desk, shelf, or table. The 9 cm high glass armillary sphere will accent your decor and can be blended with other types. This metal armillary sphere with a rustic and vintage style is ideal for any indoor or outdoor location in both your home and office! With this brass spherical lamp, you may add a touch of rustic delight to your house. With a circular base and a handcrafted nautical theme, this lamp is a great complement to any style of home or modern area. This nautical armillary sphere appears to have been meticulously handcrafted from solid wood and brass, making it ideal for bringing individuality and design versatility to any environment.

Product Description

This nautical brass armillary sphere would complement any nautical or steampunk-themed home or collection. It has a gorgeous antique brass finish, a lacquered oak base, and an intricate pattern with fine detailing. The sphere sits on top of a strong oak pedestal, making it simple to place on a shelf or mantelpiece. This nautical brass armillary sphere is a stunning decorative accent piece that would look fantastic in any environment! This lovely handcrafted armillary sphere is made of pure brass and is light and robust, making it suitable for many sorts of table dcor. The attractive, high-quality finish complements the overall appearance of any room. The armillary sphere with the highest height.



100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000


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